A microchip implant is a small inert device placed under an animal’s skin. Microchips are extremely useful in the quick and accurate return of lost pets. They can also assist when the ownership of an animal is in dispute. The implants are about the size of a large grain of rice and contain a unique number which can be scanned through the skin. The microchip number can then be matched against a nationwide database to find the registered owner’s contact information.

When a pet is quickly matched to its owner, the shelter avoids the expense of housing, feeding, providing medical care, and out placing or euthanizing the pet. Microchipping is standard at SHS — all adopted animals receive a microchip and registration as part of the adoption package. We also provide this service at our shelter, with no appointment necessary. If you are interested in having your animal microchipped please stop by the shelter during our public hours.

Cost to microchip your animal is $25


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