We are glad that you are considering “The Adoption Option”. To view our pets available for adoption just click on either the Dogs & Cats link. Here you can see pictures and information of a potential future best friend. Our Adoption Center is open for adoptions 7 Days a Week from 12:30pm-4:00pm. For more detail and descriptions regarding any pets listed here you may call the Adoption Center at 530-926-4052 during business hours. To adopt you must be 18 years of age.

What Pets Receive:

  • Spay/Neuter
  • Age Appropriate Vaccinations
  • Microchip
  • Collar/I.D. Tags
  • Leash – Dogs
  • Carrier – Cats
  • Lifetime of Post Adoption Behavior Support
  • Adopters will receive an offer for discounted Pet Plan health insurance

Adoption Fees

Prices differ due to age, length of stay at shelter, and current specials


Kittens (8 weeks-5 months) $100
Adults Cats (5 months-8 years) $75
Senior Cats (8+ years) $50


Puppies (8 weeks-5 months) $200
Adult Dogs (5 months-8 years) $150
Senior Dogs (8+ years) $100

Small Animals

Adoption fee depending on species and age

*We never want the price of an adoption to prevent one of our adoptable pets from going to the perfect home for them so if you would like to discuss a different adoption fee, please do so at the time of your adoption appointment.

Thanks to Grant Funding from Cal for All Animals and a Partnership with Freedom K9, we are now able to offer the following dog training support to our adopters! 

  • All Adult dogs (6+months) will receive a coupon/voucher for 1 free Walk Doctor session at Freedom K9. Session must be booked within 2 weeks of adoption.
  • Puppies under 6 months will receive a 10% coupon off the Good Puppy Private Session Program (3hr session. $375 price, 10% off makes that $337.50) to be given at the time of foster, expiring at 6 months of age. 
Basic Obedience- Single Lesson – FreedomK9 (Walk Doctor)
 **Freedom K9 Basic Obedience/Walk Doctor Lesson** 
Embark on a transformative journey with your newly adopted dog in our engaging two-hour Basic Obedience Lesson at Freedom K9! This session is designed for adopters and dog owners actively participating alongside their dogs and our expert trainers. Perfect for:
  • Recently adopted dogs
  • Dog owners in need of urgent assistance
  • Those focused on specific training goals
Key Features:
– Comprehensive Training: Covering basics like Loose Leash Walking, Heel, Sit, Down, and Place.
– Holistic Approach: Addressing Crate training, Potty Training, Car/House Manners, Grooming, Vet Visits, and more.
– Tailored Guidance: Perfect for introducing a new dog to your home or adding structure to your dog’s world.
– Behavior Management: Learn how to address unwanted behaviors such as jumping, barking, whining, and more.
– Equipment Expertise: Discover the right tools for your dog and situation.
Why Choose Walk Doctor?
– Immediate Results: Leave with a dog heeling by your side, attentive to commands, and ready to work on covered topics.
– Efficiency: Achieve more in two hours than in a 6-week Basic Obedience Class at other stores.
– Personalized Attention: No fluff, no irrelevant questions, just focused guidance from Professional Trainers.
– Effective Communication: Master the art of communicating with your dog without yelling or physical force.


Good Puppy Private Session Program – FreedomK9
Embark on a journey of joyful companionship with our Good Puppy Private Session Program! This personalized training initiative is tailored to empower you and your new puppy, creating a foundation for a harmonious relationship.


Key Program Highlights:
1. Basic Obedience Commands: Master essential commands like Heel, Sit, Down, Place, Wait, Name Recognition, and more. Tailored to suit your puppy’s unique needs.
2. Breed-Specific Training: Recognizing and addressing breed-specific requirements ensures a customized approach to training that aligns with your puppy’s characteristics and disposition.
3. Potty Training Mastery: Establish a reliable potty schedule, eliminate accidents, and guide your puppy to a designated spot in your yard for potty time.
4. Crate Training Expertise: Select the right crate size, proper crate placement, and create a balanced sleep, play, and training routine, leading to a contented, well-rested pup.
5. Socialization Skills: Foster confident interactions with other dogs, strangers, family members, and different environments. Learn the importance of self-control and proper introductions.
6. Confidence Building: Equip your puppy to navigate new places and situations with confidence, cultivating a balanced and happy family member.
7. Effective Communication: Master the art of praising and correcting your puppy without raising your voice or resorting to repetitive commands, creating a positive training environment.
8. Good Manners Training: Instill essential manners such as staying grounded, gentle treat-taking, and maintaining focus.
9. Eliminate “Puppy Nonsense”: Tackle common behavioral challenges like play-biting, jumping, whining, barking, leash pulling, and more, creating a well-behaved pup.
10. Holistic Care: Explore topics like nutrition, grooming, vet schedules, and growth milestones to ensure your puppy’s overall well-being.
Program Includes:
– Three one-hour Private Sessions with our Professional Trainers
– Training Cheat Sheets for at-home reinforcement
– A puppy training collar
– Ongoing support for questions during the program
– Exclusive discounts on our Adult Off-Leash Programs


Phone Behavior Consult – FreedomK9

A FREE 30 minute consult to go over any questions, issues, and goals for training owners have. 

Learn more about Freedom K9:  About – FreedomK9