After losing our previous dog to illness, several months passed, and we realized we needed a new addition to our family. We went to the Siskiyou Humane Society website and immediately noticed Gracie, a brindled Pit Bull mix. But we weren’t entirely in love, and it wasn’t until two weeks later, when our eldest daughter was visiting from Portland, that we decided to go check out Gracie in person. After meeting her and taking her for a walk, we fell in love and took her home.

During Gracie’s eight months at the SHS, the staff spent many hours teaching her tricks and loving her. We were impressed with how smart Gracie was. We were warned that she had some separation anxiety and that it would be best if we could be home a fair amount. Yes, we replied. But do you think she’ll learn to be affectionate? The staff members smiled and assured us she would. After a few weeks, Gracie settled down nicely and is now surprisingly calm, even when left alone. She loves to go everywhere and anywhere with us (even kayaking). She runs like the wind and jumps like an antelope. Our younger daughter says she’s a cross between a deer and a hyena, but we think she’s part kitten, because she loves to curl up in a lap—all 46 pounds of her.

Our favorite trick that she learned from the SHS staff is “waffles.” On this command, Gracie makes the quietest little breathy growl/bark that is meant to be her “inside voice.” It’s hilarious!

Gracie has already provided us with many hours of fun and entertainment. She is a great addition to our family. We encourage you to visit the Siskiyou Humane Society and adopt your own new friend soon.

John & Lori Harch