We want you to keep your pet!  Our Behavior Team offers free tips, resources and advice for solving common behavior problems like chewing, house-soiling and rowdiness, so you and your pet can live together in peace.

No one gets a new kitten or puppy, rescues an older dog from a shelter or gives a home to a stray cat planning to give their new pet up to a pound or shelter because of behavior conflicts.  But sometimes good intentions and love aren’t enough to make it work.  At SHS, our professional Behavior Team understands the importance of proper training and socialization to help pets succeed in new homes, and we specialize in solving common behavioral issues.

A famous study by Tufts University discovered that pet owners spend an average of eight months wrestling with behavior problems before finally deciding to surrender a pet to a shelter for behavior issues.  Yet, the secret for success is early intervention–before the problem behavior becomes an established habit and sours the relationship between human and pet.  If you’ve ever thought about getting rid of your dog or cat because of a behavior issue, we recommend that you get help now.  In the months it takes to stress and agonizing over the decision to re-home a pet, most behavior problems can be greatly improved or even solved.

Don’t wait!  Call us! (530) 926-4052

We offer:

  • Advice and tips on common training and behavior issues—cats, too!
  • Behavior consulting where we meet with you individually to discuss possible solutions to dog and cat problems
  • Puppy and rescue dog assessments to address any concerns or questions you have about your newly adopted family member
  • Puppy play-dates and socialization opportunities
  • On-going post-adoption behavioral help for all pets adopted from SHS

For more information or to schedule a private consultation, call us during open business hours.  We’re here to help you and your pet.

In keeping with the recommendations of the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior, the Association of Pet Dog Trainers, national humane organizations such as the ASCPCA and other leading experts in dog behavior and sheltering, dog training and behavior modification at SHS is based primarily on positive reinforcement and reward techniques using food, toys, attention and praise as motivators. All instruction and training advice provided by the SHS Behavior Team to the public adheres to industry standard guidelines outlined in Professional Standards for Dog Trainers: Effective, Humane Principles published by the Delta Society © 2001.

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